xHacker Responds to Urgent Cybersecurity Risks

COVID-19 removed America’s workforce from office environments to unsecured residential networks, posing disturbing cybersecurity risks. While telework is keeping America’s workforce healthy, vulnerabilities to national security and the industrial complex are rising.

xHacker can be used to provide critical training to first responders, hospitals, soldiers, rank and file civil servants, and even the public to mitigate cybersecurity risks and improve the effectiveness of the pandemic response.

An I/ITSEC 2019 Serious Games Finalist, xHacker, was designed to provide effective game-based cybersecurity training using modern game development techniques and tools. Available now, xHacker can be used as a trainer for urgent cybersecurity concerns related to telework. The game can also be customized to address additional COVID-19 inspired challenges, including pandemic response operations and hospital management.

The world was caught unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. Supplies, procedures, and training were insufficient to address the threat and minimize the impact. xHacker provides a tool to address and mitigate these risks to key systems.

For more information about xHacker, contact Trideum.