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Our Culture of Serving Our Community Defines Us

Serving our communities means giving back to make the places we live and work even better. This is perhaps the most lasting effect we can have. Service to our community is embedded in Trideum’s mission statement – it is a priority to the company and highly encouraged of our leaders and our employees.
Service comes from the heart. To build a culture of service at Trideum, we must recognize that a culture of service does not stand alone. It is integrally linked to the overall culture of the organization. By building a relationship of mutual trust and respect, our employees want to join us in making a difference in the community.

The Trideum Foundation

The Trideum Foundation was established by and is sponsored by Trideum as a way to give back to the community and inspire volunteer work in community outreach. Founded in 2006 and based in Christian principles, the Trideum Foundation provides help and hope to local communities by funding charitable projects that encourage volunteer participation.

The Foundation receives donations from Trideum as well as individuals and other interested parties, and provides grants to applicants who meet the Foundation’s grant criteria. Funding for Trideum Foundation’s efforts is determined by a board of directors through a structured grant application process. The Foundation also hosts local events and partners with other non-profit organizations to provide outreach opportunities.

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In Focus: Community Service
Trideum is a proud sponsor of the Trideum Foundation which is dedicated to providing help and hope to communities
by funding charitable projects and providing a catalyst for volunteer participation. Read more about how they’re doing it:

Our Community Partners

Trideum supports charities as a company, and encourages our people to be involved in giving back to the community and organizations that help people locally and around the world. This includes our own Trideum Foundation.
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Our customers love us!

The relationships we build with our customers are vital to the work we do. We learn everything we can about our customers, which includes learning about their customers. This approach enables us to exceed the expectations of the customer and the end user.

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