Trideum’s Virtual Table Top Secures Key Systems Against Threats

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a surprising truth – the threat posed by the pandemic to public safety and national security was not fully understood until it was too late. Looking to the future, what tools can be utilized to determine and reduce the impacts of a pandemic and other threats?

Originally developed to support Department of Defense Cyber Table Top exercises, Trideum’s Virtual Table Top (VTT) Suite is capable of mapping and dissecting threats to key systems and infrastructure. It identifies vulnerabilities and facilitates rapid response to system weaknesses before they are compromised or fail.

The Suite is a distributed software platform that exercises systems under a variety of stressors and scenarios. VTT generates performance reports and actionable tasks to render systems secure.

The VTT is flexible, and therefore can be applied to any critical system relevant to public safety or national security and effectively mitigates potential adverse effects. And because it was designed for distributed use, Trideum’s VTT is the ideal tool to use during a pandemic and other circumstances where in-person exercises are not feasible or too costly.

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