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Improving Readiness and Performance in Complex Environments

Our customers are invested in the continual education and training of their military and civilian personnel. We strive to support these values by providing assured training and training support for commanders and their staff; soldiers, sailors, airman and Marines; and our allies in high-consequence conditions where they have the greatest impact.

At Trideum, our goal is to improve readiness and performance in complex environments through all aspects of planning and training: from systems integration and technology modernization, to support, education, and program development, to training execution and analysis.

Trideum’s structured and streamlined approach to training programs enables today’s challenges to be met, while anticipating tomorrow’s missions and requirements.

Trideum provides assured training and training support for Commanders, Soldiers, and our Allies.

  • Training and education design, development, delivery, and management of all aspects of training and learning requirements
  • Training and training mission support

  • Training analysis

  • Exercise and event planning, development, execution, and support

  • Reporting and documentation as well as performance monitoring and measurement
  • Program leadership including strategic planning, scheduling, workflow, and communications


  • Army Mission Training Complexes through Mission Training Complex Capabilities Support (MTCCS)
  • Training Aids, Devices, Simulations and Simulators through MTCCS and ARCENT TSS Kuwait
  • LVC-G through MTCCS, Training Services Support – Environment (TSS-E) (ACM COEs and Schools and the National Simulation Center), and Emergent Threat Training and Readiness Capability (ET2RC)

Training Development

  • FA57 and CP36 M&S professional workforce instruction and Curriculum Development in support of the Army Modeling & Simulation Office (AMSO)
  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) development in support of the Combined Arms Center Command & General Staff College, Joint Knowledge Online (JKO), and the USMC Installation and Logistics Division
  • Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention (SHARP) curriculum and training development at the Combined Arms Center
  • Doctrine Review and Development through the Combined Arms Center
  • Research, Studies, Data Collection and Analysis at the Combined Arms Center
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