Trideum personnel have been at the technical forefront of Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) interoperability technologies and processes for almost 20 years.

Interoperability Solutions

In the early 1990s, Trideum personnel enabled the Brilliant Anti-Tank (BAT) weapon system simulation to utilize the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol to support the ground-breaking Joint Precision Strike Demonstration (JPSD) events.  From this experience, Trideum personnel then focused their attention on the test community by applying High Level Architecture (HLA) interoperability solutions to support digital and constructive simulation asset interoperability.

Weapon System Test Requirements

Most recently, Trideum was part of the winning team to support the Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment (BLCSE).  Trideum employs these interoperability solutions enabled customers to compose assets to better support the ever-increasing complex weapon system test requirements.

Distributed Test, Training, and Experimentation Events

Trideum has also been supporting multiple customers in developing solutions and integrating capabilities that enable LVC distributed test, training, and experimentation events for both service specific and joint applications . Trideum personnel regularly employ the following skill sets:

  • LVC Architecture Integration (TENA, HLA and DIS)
  • Modeling and Simulation, and Command and Control (C2) Systems
  • Exercise Planning, Development, Integration, Execution and Support
  • Analysis, Testing, and Experimentation in Single Service, Joint, and Multinational Integrated LVC Environments
  • System Interface Modeling
  • Verification, Validation & Accreditation (VV&A)

Many of the events that Trideum employees design, implement, test, and execute are multi-architectural in nature.  As such, Trideum employees are uniquely qualified to handle the complexities of the multi-architectural events based on their many years supporting native and combined TENA, HLA, and DIS-based events.  Their experience has proven to be a critical component in ensuring the success of these distributed events, many of which were designed to support the Warfighter by integrating systems never designed to be integrated. Based on this unique capability, Trideum employees utilize, develop and maintain software tools to provide interoperability between several of these architectures and support their use when required.

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