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Orchestrate empowers leaders and experts to design and document a complex operation before execution. Planners can preview an event holistically, and in context, to identify and resolve potential issues.

A Powerful Tool to Help You Orchestrate Success

Orchestrate is built on an extensible framework that can be leveraged for many domains including UAVs, Emergency Management, law enforcement, healthcare and business resilience.

Benefits of Using Orchestrate

  • Effortlessly develop scenarios that can validate proposed actions
  • Preview planned actions in context.
  • Clarify roles & responsibilities as well as required technologies
  • Foster communication for better results
  • Enhance shared understanding of a planned operation’s objectives and desired outcomes
  • Plan, build, and run ‘tabletop’ exercises efficiently with an easy-to-use tool

Orchestrate: Software Overview

Orchestrate enables participants to see all the elements of an event in one place, and in context, making it easier to see dependencies and spot scenario gaps during a planning exercise. The software’s building blocks are:


Identify objectives and requirements and track success criteria.


Identify who and what will be part of the event. Define Actor relationships to assets and conditions.

Map Objects

Visualization is not limited to a map, but Orchestrate enables powerful visualization of an event that requires coordination in an area. Build 3D assets to bring to life your scenario’s environment.

Event List

Simulate the event, step-by-step, to identify potential issues and address them before the actual exercise.

Flexibility in Managing Planning Activities

Create and manage multiple projects. Plan exercises and track outcomes that can all be reviewed in one place.
Within a project, schedule important deadlines that define your effort. We created Exercises to work the way you do. Orchestrate is outcome focused, but it is imperative to see the cumulative progression of decision making as efforts come to a close.
Create and manage multiple scenarios for each exercise. As you create new Exercises, choose what makes the cut and passes on to the next stage.

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